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Six dos and don’ts of Couchsurfing

Six dos and don’ts of Couchsurfing

This is all from my personal experience, Jessica and I have couchsurfed through six states and four countries. 6.) DON’T hit your couchsurfing host’s car with your car. This isn’t the way you want to start a conversation with your host, “Very nice to meet you, thank you so much for allowing us to stay … Continue reading

Left handers  – a Connecticut Diner

Left handers – a Connecticut Diner

“Now which other one of you is left handed?”, an older women in a group of four asked. “I am” her friend replied. “Good good.” I am baffled, what does that matter in a restaurant, or frankly anyway other than buying a wired or wireless mouse, or keyboard? How sad it is, that mind travels … Continue reading