About Candice

Hello fellow travelers, bloggers, WWOOFers, wanders, volunteers, couchsurfers…

My name is Candice, and I started a journey of a lifetime on Dec 7th 2012. My fiancée, Jessica, and I left our home, sold our cars, donated all of our belongings to leave us with just our two backpacks and the ambition to see the world with open hearts and bright smiles. We saved up money for 4 months and set sail on the road of the east coast of the U.S – visiting 8 states before we left for Europe. We made sure to do some bucket list things before we left the states, such as watching the ball drop in NYC at Times square, walking up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial and eating some fried shrimp in Boston.

We have swam in 30 degree weather in local hot springs of Iceland, couchsurfed with a brit in United Kingdom, and are currently WWOOFing in France. WWOOF, it’s where you work for a farm, winery or bed and breakfast for exchange for food and board.

We have been able to travel with less spilling of the money, and we have been able to meet extraordinary people and learn so much about our surroundings – due to Couchsurfing. Check out the website, it is such a great way to travel and to be immersed into people’s cultures and environments! No better way to learn of a city, town or state/country than staying with a local!

    Follow us on our journey….

Update as of 2-24-2013

  • Jessica and myself are one week into our WWOOFing experience and it has been unbelievable! We have learned so much from such a little amount of time and we are humbled by our experiences and the interactions between our hosts and our peers. We have weeded, trimmed apple trees, planted garlic cloves, learned how to get the perfect walnut, learned of giving back via using compost and recycling of every crumb to feed the chickens and have started to learn the beautiful language of French.

    We are humbled and we are ready for another month on this beautiful farm in Marcellaz, France – in the French Alps. Then we head to Marseille, France – where we will be volunteering in a Bed and breakfast using WWOOF.

  • Left to right – Myself and Jessica two weeks before we departed on this journey.


    4 thoughts on “About Candice

    1. Hi Candice,
      My son is currently wwoofing at Miki and Hanni’s farm. I know he’s busy, and he doesn’t have a camera, so we stumbled upon your blog trying to get a sense of what he’s experiencing there. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your blog. Your writing and BEAUTIFUL pics gave me a real sense of what he’s experiencing. Your eloquent post about Miki and Hanni as people and what you gained from getting to know them made me feel like this was the perfect situation for Jimmy. Thanks for sharing your experience. Karen

      • Hi Karen! I wish upon everyone in this world to get to experience what I experienced alongside Miki and Hanni. Your son is in amazing hands, hands that will teach your son so many new and meaningful things and feeling. Feel free to email me at errchh@gmail.com, I’d love of hear about his journey and how he came to pick them as a host and his choice in wwoofing. You have no idea how nice it is to have a parent follow you on your journey, so I am so pleased that you are looking after him and interested in it. I was very happy to hear from my parents when I was Over there.

        Oh and miki and Hanni serve delicious food, food that they never let a crumb go to waste! So he will be well fed!!!

        Hope to hear from you soon,

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