Ten of my top memorable moments while Backpacking and WWOOFing in Europe

Here are a few things that reach the top of my best moments and best lessons learned while traveling via WWOOFing and backpacking.

1.) I learned how to snowboard in the effin’ French Alps. Yeah, I know, how bad ass of me.

2.) I have learned how to approach strangers fearlessly and unprotectedly. No awkward small talk every again!

3.) I went up the Eiffel Tower during nighttime while witnessing the city of Paris lit up with stunning beauty from the top. Absolutely breathtaking.

4.) I rode a red double decker bus in London around Piccadilly Circus, AND I enjoyed the iconic fish and chips in a London pub.

5.) I went swimming in natural hot springs in Iceland. It was 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the water, talk about freaking out your body! It was fantastic! It was cold enough outside to freeze over my eyelashes all the while the rest of my body was in a steamy sauna paradise. I also was sporting a natural mineral face mud mask that was provided, while indulging myself in Icelandic beer. It was a moment that ranks high on my all time favs.

6.) I have discovered (with almost 100% certainty) that I am gluten intolerant. My second WWOOF location featured a gluten intolerant man, who introduced me to the concept of food without wheat and how to cook without it. That experience has stopped the suffering inside of my stomach that I had lived with for several years – I throughly thank them for this. (Once I get back to the states I will follow through on the tests on seeing if I am actually gluten intolerant or if I have Celiac disease.) This stop made me aware of the connections between how I was feeling and being gluten intolerant, something that might of taken me years to figure out.

7.) I have happily lost the addiction to electronics. My brain and eyes thanks me for this, and not to mention, the decrease of headaches!

8.) I watched a 78 year old man, who was my first WWOOF host, run circles around me physically. He would work several hours after me and he wore the endurance of superheroes – I was put to shame. It taught me to physically push past what I think my body can handle, that’s when I realized the agility I possessed underneath my laziness.

9.) I had acupuncture done to my ears in France, which actually suspended my heart burn issues.

10.) I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the White House, Obama’s car montage, Mount Blanc, Marseille’s famous old port, travelled through the English Channel, emerged my hands into the Mediterranean Sea, became friends with Brits and Germans and the French, ate actual Swiss chocolate from Switzerland, saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, stayed in a Chalet in the French Alps, got in touch with organic farming and the earth, I’ve seen the royal guards of Buckingham palace, placed love locks on the famous Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, met indescribable and amazing people, ate delicious pastries out of Paris bakeries, slept in train stations, watched the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and the best part of all of this was : I did all of this while being blessed to be alongside my fiancée.

Here are a few shots to highlight my top ten moments..

Mineral face masks in Iceland.

Trimming apple trees with a view of the Alps.
Big Ben. And some random man.
Love locks in Paris.
The Louvre.
Paris from on top of the Eiffel Tower.
The chalet in the Alps.
Beautiful mountains of the Alps.
Snowboarding for the first time ever.
And the last few photos are of organic farming and being in touch with the earth during my first WWOOF spot in Marcellaz, France.





One thought on “Ten of my top memorable moments while Backpacking and WWOOFing in Europe

  1. It’s so amazing what you have done and breathtaking as well! Congratulations honey… You did it! Love you always, Mom

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