Chalet in the French Alps – A WWOOF weekend vacation – Part 1

I plan on writing a few blogs over a few weeks that are orientated towards a weekend I spent in my WWOOF host’s chalet (cabin.) It was nestled on the border of Italy, Switzerland and France, in the French Alps. It resides in a valley upon a mountain-side, with beauty I had never known.

Part 1: Inside of the cabin.

Our WWOOF hosts, The Webers, own a Chalet in the mountains. It’s a beautiful and rustic 150-year old, cabin built with spruce wood which is sealed with a touch of love from the Weber’s hearts.

They bought it in the ’60s as a vacation home for themselves. It is about a two-hour drive from their home in Marcellaz. (Where we are WWOOFing) This cabin is nestled on a mountain-side with views of ski slopes and white-tipped mountains outside its windows. It views the west, with a glamorous show of a sunset each and every night, a sunset that trickles over the mountaintops.

They have made this tranquil cabin into much more than it was when they first got it; they’ve done expansions, widening of rooms and deepening of floors, and of course, “warming” it up. They’ve even done some of the work with help of WWOOFers over the years. (Deepening of the floors was done because, previously the living room and master bedroom both belonged to the cows and horses.)

This Chalet is what a wood cabin truly is – quaint, charming, rustic, and old with its creaky floors and doors. It has its own character with radiating vibes of warmth and inviting feelings that linger in it’s every log and window pane.

Where we park the car is about 200 meters away from the cabin itself, so the use of a backpack over a suitcase is essential. (I noticed Hannie, one of our hosts, packing her backpack the day before we were due to depart for the cabin, I asked why, she explained the 200 meter hike UP.) It isn’t a bad thing, to hike, because the view is fantastic on its own. Pictures below.

Here are a few pictures where I tried to capture the enchanting feel of this cabin.



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