Letter to my future self – Day 1 of a 21 Day Meditation course – Oprah and Deepak style

One of my major reasons for backpacking through Europe and leaving behind everything and everyone I knew was to find inner peace – – to not need the buzz of electronics, (phones, laptops and tvs) around me at all times. I had slid into a hole of online gaming and usage of my phone at every possible second; I was losing myself and my happiness.

I have accomplished finding peace by miles already on this journey, but I’m not satisfied; I couldn’t ever stop searching for every kind of peace. One kind I haven’t been able to grab a hold of is meditation, so I decided to try this 21 Days of Meditation course my fiancée and I found.

The 21 Day Meditation online course is sponsored by Oprah and Deepak. They orchestrated 21 days of mantras, messages, thoughts, meditations and soundtracks, one set of these each day. I just finished my first message and meditation of Day 1, and I am inspired and hopeful about what I can accomplish by beginning to focus, transforming and finding my inner strength. The course suggests writing a letter to my future self. I love this idea, so here it is:

My future self,

I wish of you to be in a sense of calmness in your everyday life. To come across small occurrences that may bother a non centered human and surpass them with grace and focus. Give yourself clarity when you need it, give yourself the time to focus before handling anything that may hurt or fear or disappoint you. Be calm in what you do, if you change your mind Candice, you can change your life. Thoughts of peace can transform your exterior anger or sadness into passion and patience. Give yourself a break, its okay to not know what’s going on or what to exactly do, that’s what’s learning is all about. Be wise, be resourceful, be calm and be still. Approach matters with a healing smile and healing heart that may attach to others that you come across. Believe in yourself fully and know anything is possible if you truly believe in it. Giving up, is your exterior self feeling the pain and anguish or tiredness, your inner self possess the strength to carry on and defeat or dominate any challenge or task. Believe in yourself Candice, always, never let it waver – despite what will come in your way.

Your older self

Thank you Laura Cerenzio for your continued guidance and assistance.


7 thoughts on “Letter to my future self – Day 1 of a 21 Day Meditation course – Oprah and Deepak style

  1. Awww this is so beautiful. Your hopefulness and optimism… you are already this older self in may ways ❤ I look forward to reading this with you again down the line.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for posting this. I may need to do something like that myself. Sometimes I need mantras on the farm to keep me going, especially in 105 degrees covered in bat guano!

  3. Very inspiring! This letter is such a good idea. And I know exactly what you mean. I used to be completely absorbed in watching TV and playing online games. I became so lazy and uninspired. So I changed quite a lot of things in my life. And now I haven’t felt the need to play any kind of game and haven’t watched random TV in ages. I have so much time and feel so active, it’s great!

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