A rhythm of words for the French Alps – WWOOF

Slide on my weathered boots
Embark on a ride down a hill
Bicycle wheels carry me through the beauty
A scenic view of mountains high and low
Greens are embedded into the fields
White tipped snow caps
Puffs from a chimney so far out
The smoke so little it resembles a cigarette dying out
Mountains so tall they make me catch my footing
I pause near a river
Hear the trickle of it behind my ears
Crows circling their prey above
Birds playing me a song
Views of valleys near and far
Eyes hurt to squint against the sun
Just let the rays soak my skin
Rays that pour onto hillsides
Rays that drip onto roofs, and dribble down window panes
Wavy hillsides that disappear into the valleys
Just when I think I’ve witnessed the finest view
I turn a corner to be faced with another that tops the other
Barns of color, barns of age, they flank me on every side
Broken down buildings, or so I thought
Piles and piles of chopped wood
Sky high piles of wood needed to feed the hungry fireplaces
Cats stalking the fields
Cats meowing for love
Freshest air I’ve ever tasted, smelt, known
Come to the tarp I laid out, my love
Bathe in the sights of beauty that dangle in front of us
the highs and lows, the brights and darks
The sounds of louds and quiets
Dictate the rays and the chirping to serenade your skin and ears
Somber into my arms
Somber into the relaxation of it all
On the side of this hill we reside
Allowing the light of the sunset to pour into our hearts
French landscapes, French treasures, French love


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