First time backpacker: what’s in my bag?

My fiancée Jessica explains what’s in her backpack, for backpacking for the first time. Loved it! Check it out!

Co Creative Life

This past December, I was forced to take an inventory of everything I owned in my one bedroom apartment. I donated more things to Salvation Army than I thought I could ever part with, all in an effort to clear my life of stuff, start fresh with no physical ties, and prepare for a period of backpacking and touring some places in Europe. My goal was to fit everything I thought I would need for the next six months into my backpack.

Two months would be of city hopping and couchsurfing up the east coast of the US. Another two months would be spent wwoofing (working on organic farms) in Europe. And I needed to think of the future, too, when we would find a new place to live and what was in my backpack would all I have to start my new life with.

Now, I am a girly…

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