List of 3 – My Backpacking no nos

This list of three are items I almost bought and brought along with me on my travels, but I am glad I had the moment of realization not to do so. Also, I remember these items more often and laugh at myself for them. So I thought, I’d like to share some of my laughs with you…

I am by no means a hard core backpacker or a knower of all things when it comes to traveling. So if one of these items in my list is something you actually use, well then, all I can say is I am sorry and carry on. Also, we had WWOOFing hosts set up, couchsurfing hosts lined up and hostels ready to be stayed in – so I knew we wouldn’t be without a shelter.

First, a special thank you is in order for my fiancée, Jessica. Why? Because without her, I would of made the ridiculous decision to actually buy these items, yet her fiery glares and her “Candice really?”s made me realize the level of stupidity in these items. Thanks Jess, I thought you were stomping on my parade then, but I know now of your common sense.

1.) A 50 pack of batteries. (With a bonus of five extra batteries included)

It was in my hand at the register in the local supermarket, and I was legitimately thinking of fantastic uses for these batteries. Such as, all the gadgets I could buy and supply power to. Back before I left on my journey, I didn’t understand the concept that this thing called a backpack that I was loading with ‘goodies’ would actually be, on my back. I would of dumped those batteries one week in. I mean really Candice, you didn’t think of the concept of rechargeable ones till Jess mentioned it?

2.) A head lamp with 19 different strobe colors.

What the hell? I was standing in line of Best Buy with this bad boy in my hand, smiling ear to ear with such pride for discovering this rare find! I actually made it all the way through the cash register, had the item scanned, price with tax said to me and I had reached for my credit card before I had realized I had forgotten my wallet at home. Fate, God, powers that be – whoever, actually had to stop me by having me forget my wallet at home. (Guess that glow-eyed look I had on my face on the way out of my apartment was pretty obvious) I drove all the way back to my house with the intent to come back for the lamp, I even had the lady at the register promise to keep it hidden up front for me. (Yeah, I know) Once I walked through the door of my apartment, I tried thinking of a way to tell Jess of the cool things this headlamp could do. That’s when my checks flushed red with such an enormous feeling of embarrassment.Was I really, REALLY going to buy that?

Side note : I totally see the use of a headlamp. (Reading at night) But not one with 19 colors.

Oh and another embarrassing moment pertaining to this lavish item, I had come up with perfect scenarios to use each color in.

  • Red: To pretend to be an aircraft on top of mountains
  • Blue: To pretend to be the sky.
  • Green: To pretend to be an alien spaceship in the sky.
  • And so on…
    See my point? Wouldn’t you of been extremely embarrassed too?

    3.) Sunblock and Aloe Vera. (We were to backpack in the winter, only)

    No need to write a lot on this one other than the fact that I was coming from Florida. In that eye-blinding sunny state, these items are something that everyone kind of has. I didn’t put the relation between sunny Florida and traveling in winter, where there would be freezing temperatures. Temperatures that would demand wrapping myself up like the little brother in that movie, The Christmas Story. (Wrapped up in so much clothing that I can’t put my arms down to my sides)

    This is a screenshot of one day’s temperature in Boston, MA. (Before we left for Europe, we travelled up the east coast up from Florida to Massachusetts, we experienced the coldest, eye lid freezing cold, in Boston, with a temperature of “feels like -8 degrees Fahrenheit”)



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