Making roses out of Garlic skins – WWOOFing

After several, several hours of garlic peeling – I have gained a talent out of it along with a few great memories.

Our WWOOF host here in Marcellaz, France is a smart and resourceful man. He buys a few ten kilo bags of garlic, peels them apart to single cloves then plants almost all the cloves. Concept being, getting 10x what you paid for out of a transaction. Love it.

After a series of four days, Jessica and I finally finished x2 ten-kilo bags of garlic. There gets to be some redundancy to it, but nevertheless, we had a blast doing it. Besides helping Miki, our host, whom who we love to help, we had some memorable moments while tackling those daunting kilo sacs.

We danced, okay I danced ridiculously by doing some odd hip thrusts to the song “what’s love got to do with it” one day when our hosts were in the other room. (Jessica was amused, and I LOVE to make her laugh) Then on another day of garlic peeling, Jess dragged me out of my chair enthusiastically when the song “twist and shout” came on. So we proceeded to do our own versions of what we think the twist is, some wiggling, gliding back and forth and some, obviously, twisting. It was a good time, twisting there in the kitchen of a French home with garlic in our hands and the sweet smell of garlic in the air. How romantic.

Warning: I might of eaten a bit too much of raw garlic during the process, the smell of it seeped out of my skin for days, Jess was NOT a happy camper.

I also learned how to make a half decent looking rose with some garlic skins, I tried to give it to Jessica but she gave me a glare and continued her peeling. :/

Here is my rose concoction, I loved it. (That’s all that matters)


Here is Jessica giving me the “I am not amused” look in which she gives me whenever I try to be stupid romantic. Try being the key word.

Another shot of it, I used a knife as the stem – how crafty of me, huh?

Our finished product of days of garlic peeling.



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