I love the smell of manure on your skin – WWOOFing

First and foremost I want to say a thank you to everyone that is out there WWOOFing. I love your dedication, fearless attitudes and most of all, your strength – I admire you all. It’s a great feeling to know we have a community of people, that we all know we can relate to.

I knew the day would come sooner or later that I would be almost knee high in manure, today was the lucky day. I am by no means a prissy woman when it comes to dirt and mud and well, crap – so I handled it like a pro. Jessica is more of a get down in the dirt kind of a woman than I am, and that’s definitely attractive. (Yeah yeah, I’m weird)

I can just imagine myself a year ago, when I thought getting sand between my toes was icky and I stayed indoors all the time to play video games and watch TV shows. Tell that year younger Candice that she would be in some gooey knee-high manure a year later, she would of giggled at you till she cried.

When I was out on the farm an hour or so ago, pulling a wheelbarrow full of cow crap across half a field packed with snowy mud – Jessica complimented me by saying how ‘strong and dedicated and sexy’ I was. (Yeah, while I was carrying manure, thanks Hun)


We also got to play in another form of manure today, where we created little 2×2 inch squares with crap filled soil. (The little squares is what we plant different kinds of seeds in) Jessica loved this part, she loves getting her hands dirty, me on the hand, I will limit it as much as possible if can be. An example of this was earlier today, when we were peeling the skins off of some beats, the proof of who likes to get the dirtiest was very obvious. (When peeling beats, underneath the skin, the beat itself has a bright reddish-purple color and that is very easy to get on to your skin) We both looked at our hands after we were done and Jessica’s were purple all the way down to her lower palms, where mine were just purple on five finger tips.

Here’s a shot of Jess getting dirty.


She is proud of her precise little squares, on the other hand my squares were not as happy as hers. (Bottom squares are mine and the right upper side is her cute and accurate squares, sigh)


She works the machine like a Goddess, so I decided to take a break on the ‘loser’ bleachers and watch the pro at her best.


Here I am, attempting to master the art of squishing this machine into muddy poo to make cute little, Jessica like, squares.


Now lets have a chat about the half of a field covered in snowy mud. Miki, our host, stacks piles of manure on the other end of his property. (Parallel with that tree in the picture) It is a great idea for the distance, since it stinks like holy hell, so better to keep it away from the area that we occupy everyday.

See the wheelbarrow tracks 🙂

Taking my break. On the “incapable and lazy” bleachers.

Our crappy and muddy boots, I was a bit more prepared with the rain boots as Jessica’s toes were wet and squishy since the mud eventually seeped into her not-so-much “water resistant” boots.



7 thoughts on “I love the smell of manure on your skin – WWOOFing

  1. I didn’t know you admired my squishy poo squares so much. Thanks. And yes, I fell in love all over watching you hall manure across the field 😉

  2. Hilarious! I never thought I would ever here about you doing half of the stuff you are doing! Great job honey!

  3. First, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours sounds even more fun! My partner and I really want to do it together next time in Europe!! It’s different going solo on WWOOFing for sure.

    Oh and I think I fall more on Jessica’s side of things – I brought my stinky mucking shoes and was the one cleaning the horse poop up and getting just covered in stuff haha 🙂 There’s something very comforting about it I suppose.

    Since I’m in Oz right now and it’s summer, I first said to myself “what’s that white stuff on the ground” as I’ve now completely acclimated. Heading back to the States on Monday will challenge me haha.

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