Pictures of Marcellaz, France – WWOOF volunteering – 1st week

These are some pictures Jessica and I have taken in our first week of our first WWOOF volunteering experience.

Beautiful church that exists inside Marcellaz, with a backdrop of gorgeous French mountains.

Myself during a work day, while it snows.

Fantastic sunsets over the mountains.

A shot of the village of Marcellaz.

Some French mountains.

Off to work I go, following behind our host, Miki.


A close up of a side of a mountain that surrounds us.

On our way to the greenhouse.

Trimming some pomme trees, apple trees.

Jessica putting the weeds she plucked into the grinder machine thingie. ( it gets jammed a lot, but its probably our fault )

The greenhouse on Miki’s property, where we weed, plant, water and enjoy the 70 degrees weather inside.

Dinner at the Weber’s residence, in Marcellaz, France – Miki, myself, Jessica and Juan ( another wwoofer)

Peeling apart some garlics – Miki will have us plant these next week. He really does have a great system here – how to make a lot with a little. He buys a few kilos of garlics, peels them apart and plants the cloves. Getting x10 what he paid for.

Tons of garlic we already conquered with another 10 kilo bag we need to get to!

Making some pizza by using fresh vegetable from the farm. (It was delicious, well the second one we made was, the first one – too much dough and not enough everything else)

Mountains near by.

A view out the window of the room we sleep in, love seeing that everyday! Waking up to the mountains and going to sleep to the small specks of lights of people’s homes in the far away distance.

The house we are WWOOFing in, 350 years old. Yeah, 350 years old…and still kickin.

Juan and I trimming some branches, checking out the fantastic views from up there.

Jessica before she headed up the ladder, it was our first day of work here. Loving it.

Yeah – I thought the same thing – is that safe? Totally was. 🙂

Chickens, they have about 30 of them – they are properly feed and have proper space to move around in. Our hosts only use them for eggs.

A view of the mountains from on top an apple tree.

Myself and muel. Pronounced as mule, but sounding like meow.

Jessica and our bucket of gardening tools.

Just a beautiful shot Jess took on a walk of Marcellaz.

Where we dine every lunch and every dinner together, the hosts and the WWOOFers.

Me on top of an apple tree, relishing in the view of the Alps.

Making some pizza with ‘from the garden outside’ veggies!

We usually have a round of salad, just lettuce, but some phenomenal lettuce it is, so it doesn’t need anything else in the salad.

A great shot Jess took one day when we tried to go for a bike ride around the village. Tried being the key word, it was FREEZING.

Jessica took a pit stop while we were attempting to bike ride. Was too good of a view to pass it by.

She tackled me onto the floor, I thought she was coming to give me a hug, I was wrong. Ha

Jess and the Alps. She wrote ” I love you ” in the snow 🙂

She did a snow angel!

Jess working hard at her weeding, she loves doing it! Me, not as much. Ha

4 thoughts on “Pictures of Marcellaz, France – WWOOF volunteering – 1st week

  1. I really enjoyed looking thru the pictures! And reading the captions! It looks so quaint and beautiful… Soak it all in… This experience will live within you forever

  2. These are all lovely. What I love the most is having a feeling for your week. It’s beautiful there, and life looks simple compared to the frenzy of American life. I love that you are having this experience!

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