A walk by the Seine River & The Pont des Arts bridge.

Jessica and I decided yesterday that we wanted to venture out on our own “walking tour” of Paris. So we set off to start south west of the Eiffel Tower, with plans of follow the Seine river east bound and uncover beauties we may of not normally of seen on the metro. It was a little below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so we dressed warmly and took a metro to our starting point – station of Passy, to begin our stroll.

As soon as we got out of the metro station’s stairs (there are always huge amounts of stairs in the metros) there was the Eiffel Tower, standing so strong and sturdy, staring at us in its brilliant and unwavering beauty, right in our eyes. We were from that point, “googly” eyed throughout our walk. Holding hands, laughing at each other and feeling the waves of this “city of love.” We embraced the old architecture of this city with wide open arms. We moseyed around the river as it took its curves, carving its own road through the architecture of this home of the Parisians. We saw at least 6 bridges, and not one of them bored us. There were mass amounts of exquisite intricacies on every pillar, support beam, hidden corner and piece of brass, metal or stone. We couldn’t take our eyes off of them, or take our cameras off of them. These unique and precise details are something my eyes are not used to, and frankly, could never get used to. For the meaning of getting used to something usually implies boredom and a lack of interest, and that could never happen. Never. We saw statutes carved into the bridges of famous people throughout the Parisian history, of little cute babies and their pet lions, and of the American great man – Thomas Jefferson, which I found out to be that he was a great man to France as well, serving as a minister there. We saw this other monument that was at least one story tall, of a great president of earlier years of France, on which was carved, in English, “from the United States school children.”

During our walk we stumbled upon the bridge Alma, which within its underpass is where, Princess Diana of the United Kingdom, passed back in the 90’s. She was involved in a car accident there, which hit the wall as her driver was under the influence of loads of drugs and alcohol. There were flowers and pictures of her on top of the underpass, bringing forth a little sting on my heart, she is still dearly missed, till this day.

We wandered and saw the busy people of Paris, the insanely huge amounts of Parisian runners that run the course near the Seine River, and the famous scams of the beggers and gypsies of this city of love and city of walking. Then the unique and timeless beauty of the bridge we were anticipating for…

Our main goal of this walking tour, was to reach the bridge called Pont des Arts. This bridge is widely famous and well known among any Parisian and any foreigner. It’s the bridge that has “love locks.” You bring a lock or purchase it for around 5 Euros at one of the many stands by this bridge, and you lock it on the fence as a sign of love. The steps are quite simple, yet unique, you write or scratch your name and your lovers name on the lock, artistically, you then lock the lock to the fence that lines the bridge and then toss the key into the Seine River. It’s suppose to be a love gesture and a promise of undying love between spouses. There is another bridge in Paris where locks can be found, and that bridge is for “lovers”, as in, “your secret lover.” Ha, we definitely didn’t need that one. Jessica and I each wrote our initials on the lock with different colored markers that the local lock stand had to borrow, we wrote the date and then we found a good spot on the bridge that “felt good to us.” We locked it on, Jessica looked at me with the key in her palm, smiled at me endearingly and then tossed the key into the Seine River. We set our love to be an undying love, which we knew was the case anyhow, 🙂 It is a grand gesture and such a romantic action that I will remember it for as long as I shall live. Many of things will be remembered from Paris, but of course. What’s also nice about the lock we purchased was that it came with 3 keys, so Jessica and I each have our own key to have as a keepsake of this event!

The view once we arrived out of the Passy metro station.

Princess Diana flowers on top of the Alma underpass.

One of the many beautiful details on one of the bridges in Paris.

A child with his lion.

Such intricacies.

Thomas Jefferson statue in Paris.

The Pont des Arts bridge, filled with love locks.

Our love lock.

View of the bridge on top of the Seine River.

Jessica writing the date on the lock.

Our love lock, intertwined with many other lover’s locks.


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