Degrees verses Wisdom

Albert Einstein was known in school to be dull and was thought by his teachers, to never be able to amount to anything. He dropped out of school before graduating, due to his complete and utter boredom in the classroom, as the “memorize this” way of schoolroom learning was not stimulating for him. So instead of following the ways of society and what society thinks you better have to ever, ever have the slightest chance to succeed, he said screw that.

Steve Jobs was also bored in school due to his thoughts and ideas originating and flourishing from things around him, his environment and within his brain. Not from the repetitive school books. He operated outside of the box, out of the way of normal and decided to not go with what society said was the way to success. Along with that, he had a one of kind attitude, that could only be dealt with after chugging a few beers – yet he became greatness within his own means, with people thinking he would fail, some hating him, some couldn’t believe what he was doing and thought he would go no where in his life.

Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Elton John and Princess Diana – all without degrees or diplomas.

Charles Dickens – an inventor of his own. His brilliant story telling and ways of portraying human language and interaction onto paper is a marvelous invention on it’s own, with leaving school at age 12- due to his family debt. He never returned back to school for any further degrees.

I am not dissing degrees, we need people with degrees to continue the world evolving – the most obvious being doctors and medical services of any kind. We need these people with these degrees, this knowledge, to help the world. I understand this. Yet we also need free thinkers, people who haven’t been taught to never leave the box, since the box is suppose to be “the way to go, to be and to forever be.” We need those that doubt what America is being taught, what America thinks is right and what America thinks is the way to success. I mean, hell, does “the grand ol America” have such great success stories of their own right now when it comes to business? We are in the greatest debt situation since the depression, hell we might even be on our way to surpass that. The average college student spends 60,000 dollars for school, with at least half of them never paying it back, and 30 percent of those that could pay it back and would pay it back – not needing to, since they either succeeded in earning a tuition from some fancy college that wanted the best article ever written about a blade of grass or from mommy and daddy’s pockets.

I went to college, I followed what everyone said I should do, and I went and did it. It was fantastic of a time. The friends I made, the teachers that I will forever know and the knowledge.. Wait.. I do not remember anything. Not an ounce of 90 percent of what I was supposedly taught, it was more of a memorizing to just pass the test for all of the students in my class. Which is fantastic for myself, I proudly wear a mind of a photographic memory. I was in EMT school, I was being taught how to save a life, how to handle high stress environments and how to not fold under pressure, how to dress a wound and how to stabilize a broken limb – now that – I remember. The crap that I did not remember, was ALL of that useless crap classes they made me take along with the EMT class to get the certification. “They” being, some group of folks that sat eating some over priced pasta and drinking a cheap beer, decided I, as an aspiring EMT, should take 7 other classes to become more well-rounded. And go figure, once I graduated and got into the field – I never used any of that life saving stuff, or any of the useless classes, I drove a truck around as a glorified taxi service. Along with that, I got paid the same money as I did when I sat in a 5 x 5 booth in a mall selling phones. Yeah, go figure.

I believe to do my own sort of thing, to do what makes me happy, safe and satisfied.

I believe in energy, in feeling the environment and learning from it. I believe in reading into someone’s eyes rather than judge them by their at first, maybe unhappy composure. I believe in finding my way by getting lost, rather than getting annoyed at a full laid out plan. I believe in the necessity of seeing things that aren’t in the ten mile drive to work and back, oh and within the two mile drive to your favorite, over reproduced coffee spot. I believe in asking about things you do not understand or know of, in the means to learn about the unknown rather than shake it off. I believe in traveling. I believe in traveling outside of the “highlighted” hot spots on the web. I believe this because once before, that famous beach, hidden rope bridge in the woods, or that world famous coffee shop wasn’t discovered until someone didn’t follow the normal tourist map and went and discovered it, it wasn’t in their tour guides back in the day! Someone went and stumbled upon it, and now because they found it, we know of it. I believe in that sort of thing, to we the normally unseen. I believe while traveling, to stay in peoples homes and to learn their culture, their recommended bar, their favorite style of a dinner plate and what they believe is a fantastic meal on top of it, rather than staying in a sheltered hotel room with a stamp of “5 star.” Screw that 5 stars, you can not obtain the knowledge that you do while outside of it and inside something you wouldn’t normally of thought to go to. I’ve stayed at high rated hotels in my stay already, and it was boring compared to hostels and people’s homes via

I believe in following the off road path, and getting lost.
I believe in not following what everyone tells you what to do, or that tour map tells you what to do.
I believe in seeing the beauties of every city that are highly recommended, yet seeing the beauties you stumble on as well.

Just my opinion.


One thought on “Degrees verses Wisdom

  1. I love the ‘find my way by getting lost’ idea. Then you know what was on the way, too =) I agree, the world needs a little of every kind of person. The world is a less mundane place cause of souls like yours ❤

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