Left handers – a Connecticut Diner

“Now which other one of you is left handed?”, an older women in a group of four asked. “I am” her friend replied. “Good good.” I am baffled, what does that matter in a restaurant, or frankly anyway other than buying a wired or wireless mouse, or keyboard? How sad it is, that mind travels to electronics that promptly? Anyways. The lady was finding out which one of her 70 plus, well dressed, accented with bright red lipstick friends were left handed, so they would sit together on a side of the table. So they wouldn’t clash arms while eating. Which is an absolutely foreign idea for me. But it makes total sense, now do these things come from a different era with older people, or from a different part of the region, or both? My mind automatically went to keyboards and mouses. I mean really, keyboards and mouses Candice? I am a fine example of where our generation has grown to, technology based. Either way, there I was.

Sitting at a plastic fold out black chair and at candy apple red tables, sitting in front of Jessica, listening, or should I say, over listening to these 4 ladies, they blew my mind. I am in a whole different era right now, a different time period is almost feels like. This diner, wittily called “Eggs Up Diner,” is a special treat. The atmosphere is a pristine example of what a New England diner is suppose to resemble like. There’s an abstract and odd looking mouse, 6 feet tall, statue outside of it, in its parking lot. I mean, if that alone doesn’t make you stop and eat here, what else would? Nestled in the woods, and at this time of the year, within trees decorated in flawless white snow, is this Eggs Up Diner. Our hosts Dick and Linda suggested this place to grab some breakfast at. I am pleased that they did! Once you park your car, in the non labeled parking spots amongst the mud and brown gravel, you walk up to the door, and you feel the word “vintage” appear in your thought process. The diner is old, but well taken care of. As vintage would happen to mean. You open the door, which echoes an old solid wood sound, with all sorts of signs and decals from “butts here only” to “route 66″ to ” Be safe, use condiments” on the exterior and interior, and you are now emerged into world known as this diner. The single waitress seats you promptly to whatever seat you chose, and it is as “homey” as a diner is suppose to be. Country music serenading you on the radio, an old bar with some torn stools, coffee makers up front expelling a sweet smell of French roast and dark roast, and there are a few varieties of menus to go along with the rusty yet sweet feel. There are gluten free menus, a section for vegetarians as well, and the typical breakfast and lunch menus. A lady walks in, she promptly walks to her seat, which you can just make the assumption is indeed her seat, for she assertively strides to it, whips out her notepad and iPhone and starts working away. You know she’s a regular, for the waitress brings her her coffee with the cream and sugar already marinating in it. The floors are old and stained, but cleaned to the best ability of their trustworthy mop that’s leaning agains the coat rack. Yes a coat rack, I haven’t seen one of those, since, I think ever? I marvel at it, and almost want to take my coat off just to lay it delicately on there, but I am breaking a fever that my constant cold has provided me with oh so generously. “Keep the layers on, you’ll break the fever faster,” Jessica says to me. So I wander back to my seat, and have the waitress bring me out the finest cup of coffee I have had to date. $1.50 coffee that tastes fantastic, who knew? $5.65 cups at Starbucks are just distant memories to me now. This coffee is rich, fresh and distinct. Jessica refreshingly states this as well, as we both sip with smiles. The coffee cups say “Eggs Up Grill” on one side and “Is my crack showing?” on the other side, Haha, what a good laugh we get off of that. The statement has a picture below is with an egg turning his head to look behind himself to look at a crack in his shell on his backside. Picture worthy, indeed. Best damn tuna salad sandwich I have consumed, and is in my top 3 meals since I have left Florida, coming in at 2nd place, below fresh fried shrimp at the Cheesecake factory. I find myself devilishly and shyly liking my fingers and eating some of Jessica’s egg salad sandwich as well, even though I am stuffed, who said people that do not eat meat, eats poorly?! Pfft. Jessica and I had 3 cups of coffee each, savoring the richness in the brew. Hands down an experience I will not forget, and a meal I will treasure. Eggs Up Diner off of Route 66 in Connecticut.

Eggs Up Diner.


Wasn’t I right? This would totally attract you inwards.




The ensemble.


Well rounded menus.


The notorious signs.


The nestled shack.


Notorious signs, continued. 🙂


The famous, hilarious coffee mug.


The Left handed lady bunch.


Fantastic food.



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