Planes, trains and web access.

I am currently on a flight from our Nations Capital, D.C to go to North Carolina. Jessica and I are visiting my twin sister once again, the second time on our adventure. We have a few weeks to kill before our flight leaves for Europe. As well as the few weeks, we have pretty much ran through all of the people we had to stay with already. We’ve stayed with 3 couch-surfing hosts, Jessica’s extended family and friends and even my a Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was completely unexpected and was extremely pleasant. Instead of searching for more couch-surfing hosts, and shacking up for a day or two then moving again and again, we figured we would give ourselves an extended stay with family. We will be staying for 8 days in NC, when we return we will have 8 days before our flight to Europe. In those 8 days we do plan on a making a trip north, Boston for say. Or perhaps Canada? So who knows?

Now returning back to the aircraft I am on. It isn’t something I think about, or no one really thinks about on a daily basis, other than some extremists maybe. Yet, I am completely diving myself with my hands behind my back into someone else’s control. The pilot. The crew members. The guy that checked my bag. The guy that checked the tires, I hope. The guy that checked the engine and the fuel amount, I hope there was at least that guy. Honestly, the chances of a plane going down are very slim compared to normal things that can happen on the ground. We all have heard and know the odds. But society has advanced, well un-advanced is a better way to say it, into a stream of violence. Shootings in schools, movie theaters, CHILDREN schools… 9/11.. So is it so far fetched for me to be a bit more, aware than before hand? I’m in a tin can in the sky, under the control of two men upfront discussing their dinner plans with each other, nonchalantly. I’m sure it’s just like being in a taxi, in someone else’s control.

Where has the world evolved to? To constant preoccupation of the brain via electronics, to less time around the family dinner table and to automatic weapons in elementary schools. My thoughts only, of course. In the process of trying to make entertainment more ready and available at our disposal, aka the wide world of internet, the world has nonchalantly and not knowingly evolved into a more sustainable world of violence. Violence that is available at a click of the pointer finger. The web is a great idea in many shapes and forms including promoting business, finding and communicating with friends and keeping yourself up with the daily news of your town, weather or movie times. I wish it was just that. The accessibility of nonchalant and non violent things. But also at our fingertips, with no effort at all of our own, is the knowledge of violence. The ease of researching news, wars and having the ability buy things easily via sites like eBay, amazon and Now I am not saying automatic weapons are available on these sites, but things such as paintball guns, pellet guns and ammo for these are readily available. The sort of things that act as bridges to more powerful and violent things. My opinion, of course. Wasn’t it back in the day, where you had to ask your parents permission for them or be of age to purchase these items? Now, with your keyboard, enter in an older birthdate, and it’s game on. Maybe I am more of a passive aggressor in all of these, or hypocrite, because I use all of these sites and the ease of access is very pleasurable to me. I played video games that showed nothing but aggression and violence, I ordered items by a click rather than going outside to a store, and I have pretended to be older than what I was to get items that should not of been accessible for me to obtain. Such as buying cigarettes at 16. America, in the attempts to be more easy, accessible and technology based, had grown a new breed of American.

Now I am not a strong political person, so I will not ramble and go on and on about politics, republicans or democratics. But I am an American with knowledge of things around me, available with just a click, so expect my opinions to be expressed. These opinions aren’t judgements or facts, just my views and takes in the world around me.


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