Harlem, Subways and Break dancers

I am resting in, what feels like, a 5 star Bed & Breakfast mixed with a beach house feel 4 story Condo. This condo is located in Poughkeepsie, NY directly on the Hudson River. It is astonishing. There’s a train track that is right between these condos and the river, but the sound of the train is more of an ambiance sound, not a normal sounding train. Or is it, that I feel so at ease and spoiled that even the loud train sounds beautiful? I giggle at that thought.

This condo belongs to my uncle Bob and his girlfriend Renee. When I woke up this morning I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing today, nevertheless where we would be sleeping tonight. We planned to go to Goshen, NY, the city, well town, I was born and raised in. Then pretty much wing it from there. But I had this overcoming feeling that things would work out, and they did. I got contacted by Uncle Bob and here we are!

It is a gorgeous 4 story condo, with windows on every wall that overlook the river, snow mountains and beauty. Beautiful lighting all over the wall and under panels, that make the room light up in a radiance of calmness. There’s a fireplace in the living room, solid and charming wood flooring that connects to a full size porch that overlooks this Hudson river’s elegance. Gold encrusted into yellow paint on the walls with whites, golds and oranges in the ascents and smooth shiny woof furniture that flow together to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the ultra vacation home. All the shades, curtains and blinds are up or open, with the lights gleaming their smiles toward the room, making it an experience of comfort to the soul. I am inspired just being in here. How lucky of him and his lovely partner to live in such a palace.

We were staying in Harlem for three days with our third couchsurfing experience with our hosts, Shari and Elisabeth. They were a doll of a couple and so warm and kind. We had such a great experience having them as a home base for our touring of NYC. They have a apartment on top of a dry cleaners on the 6th floor located in the heart of Harlem. There are the stereotypical things outside the windows on the streets that people would assume to be in Harlem. Like my Mother said, it is a different cultural environment. Not for one second did I feel threatened or not safe, it was a different place to be walking around on the streets of, but it had its own charm. The streets were filled with all sorts of people, two hair salons on every block, 99 cent stores every other block, Groups of filled hanging out on every corner and normal people with normal smiles that would say hello back of you spoke to them. They are mostly African American, but that’s Harlem. Just like going to China… You’ll find more Chinese. It isn’t what some people that are more… Judgmental make it seem, it truly was a multi cultural and energy filled environment. Yes there were a lot of hair salons, and loads of people grouped outside of their restricted income buildings, and people talking loudly on their phones cursing at whomever is on the other line, but this isn’t me being stereotypical, this is what I saw and that is their way of life in Harlem. Plus anywhere you go there are people yelling on their phones, a certain store that is more of a fad then others and people talking outside of buildings. Nothing more than the normal to fear. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed immersing myself into a culture area that I had never been in, and experiencing all of it.

I rode a subway for the first time, over a hundred blocks each way. It was exactly as I thought it would be, minus the scariness of it all. That’s what’s wrong with a lot of the information we hear, people tell the bad stories as so does the news companies. So one experience on a block in Harlem or on the A train in NYC spreads like wildfire and then soon everyone is saying the subways aren’t safe. Either way, I enjoyed it. I was even delighted with three young men that performed a breakdancing dance off on my subway! It was awesome! They did flips and swirled around on their backs and didn’t even hit anyone!

I’m off to bed, on this extravagant bed Uncle Bob and Renee has made up for us. Goodnight and good day all!


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