Snowflakes on my glasses

I am in a Hampton Inn directly off of Newark Airport in Newark NJ. I am sitting on a extremely comfortable yet firm couch with my feet up on a wooden coffee table. My eyes are viewing snow. Outside of my hotel room window, is snow. I am on the top floor of my well welcomed hotel, so I see the snow falling all over the highways, the trees, Newark city and from a far distance, NYC.

We got this hotel room for two nights. We needed welcomed rest, no disturbances, complete comfort to rejuvenate ourselves. This is all new for us, so it something we still need adjusting towards. This room is exactly what we needed. Somewhere to catch up on our personal lives, with each other, with our blogs and with ourselves. White fluffy and clean comforter as soft as cotton off the stem. Quiet with just the sound of snow at my window and peace in the air. The rug, stripped with colors of red, white and blue, is welcomed comfort on my toes. I took a bath today. Odd to type that, as if that’s something to write about? Because baths were such a normal thing, or comforts, like leaving all your toiletries out on the counter. Yet a bath is indeed, not common now. Quick showers, in and out, is the way. Ive never been more excited to leave my toiletries out! I felt almost spoiled, and it almost felt foreign, to prepare my bath water and fix up my lotions on the counter. I hummed a little tune, pranced around and made a cute zigzag line of my bathroom items on the counter, as I heard the water running for the bath behind me, tickling my ears. I skipped a bit, and even did a hop. What a refreshing thing to do! To take a day off here and there, and treat ourselves! Jessica and I will not loose sight of this on our travels. We will always put our emotional and physical health first in line of things to do. It’s funny, back when I was living in Florida, or even for anyone living a normal life…. There’s so much to do and to accomplish, that we do not treat ourselves often to luxuries our hearts and souls need. Even the smallest of things, a bath with some bubbles in it. I can see it at face value now, for being without it, makes me see how truly refreshing and revitalizing a simple bath is. This is something I will never loose sight of, when I come back to the states. To always take care of myself, even when I am so busy I think I have no time for such things. I will always treat my soul, body and heart equally and treat them with lavish, simple things.

We have this hotel room for two nights, in which we plan to blog, sleep and eat. 😀 I do have a cold that came out of nowhere and kicked my ass a bit. Fever, runny nose and all that sort of stuff. So I hope to heal here in this room. I am sure i will heal. Jessica as well, will be doing some serious soul relaxing here. It is different once we travel abroad, since we will be at a location for extended periods of time, giving ourselves that time to get comfortable where we are and feel at ease. These past 3 weeks have been stop here, move there, go there, one day there, two days here, three days there, back to one day there… So it has been a nonstop hop scotch match.

I have an app on my ipad that puts a fireplace on my screen, with the crinkling pops sound also. So while I was in the bath earlier, neck high in bubbles, I had a subtle and peaceful fireplace trickling smooth vibes towards me in the background. Brought peace to my heart.


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