4 months and two days ago Jessica and I sat at a Ruby Tuesdays table sharing the salad bar together using a gift card. I had recently lost my job, and the money wasn’t as we were use to it being like. Which is by far not an issue considering the millions of people that can’t go into a Ruby Tuesdays and order the salad bar due to their or their family’s economic state and or lack of means. Either way, we were sitting there, trying to save on the money, discussing the typical “what ifs.” What would we do if we didn’t have a job? What would we go see? Who would we visit? What would our purpose be? What would we want to take from it? Over these four months, most of the tangible subjects have altered from the original day and the original decision. Since it was, to travel the U.S by car and volunteer on our home land, and now it is to travel abroad volunteering in a whole new level. Well despite the changes, the meaning hasn’t drifted. We want to do good. Not in the ” oh I wish I could do something good in this world,” dream that people have, that moves likes a screensaver in their minds, all the time. But more in the literal. More in the now. More in the tangible and spiritual ways of the intangible. We want to experience what it feels like to genuinely help people all over the world, and to prove wrong the stereotypes that the larger part of society believes. “People are bad, you’ve got to be safe out there because you can’t trust anyone.” People are good, they aren’t bad just because we do not understand them, their beliefs, their ways of living nor are they bad because they look different and were born elsewhere.

So today we left our cozy little apartments that once our furry little animals used to occupy. Left that front door where I would wait for Jessica to come through when she got off of work. We left that kitchen that my mad cooking skills blossomed in. We left that floor where we ate beautiful dinners on, that laughed and loved over. Jessica left her job, and numerous people there that she has grown to love and will miss dearly. I locked that door for the last time, I went through that entrance to “Willow Lake” for the last time and I smiled. It’s okay to move on, it’s okay to experience life, to get out of the normal and breath a little different air. No, you do not have to go to Europe as we are to do so. By just believing in yourself, in others and in the world, everyone can heal and blossom. Go to the park and smile at random strangers. When at the local mall, people watch, and do not get angry over the masses amount of people that are trying to get around you. Let you heart experience happiness constantly. It’s everywhere.

Today is our last day in the normal and our last night in Florida. We aren’t running away, we are advancing. Despite what some have said about us, we aren’t living our lives in a complete “flower state of mind” and thinking that nothing bad will ever happen if you just believe in it. Things will happen, hardships will follow, it is indeed the way of life. Jessica and I just are choosing to view the problems differently, with less stress, with more compassion to help understand and solve and more patience to move forward rather than dwell. We chose to see things as learning experiences, not bad luck. Oh, and we move forward from the constant static tense energy of electronics and the need to have the newest item out.

Here we come!




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