The cycle of my old life.

-Monday’s were great because on Tuesday, Jessica was off of work.
-Monday’s were also great back when my life was dictated by my obsession with World of Warcraft, because on Tuesdays the game company did updates on the servers we played on. Which meant most of the time… New stuff to do and play with in the game! So great thing to look forward to on Mondays.
-While Jessica was at work, hours and hours of world of Warcraft. Unless of course I had work, then I would play before AND after work.

Okay Monday is down, here comes Tuesdays.

Ahh Tuesdays.
-While I was still obsessed with World of Warcraft, aka W.O.W, Tuesday meant a rendezvous at approx 7 pm with loads of friends from all over the world on w.o.w. But before that time, meant hours of waiting for the game servers to come back online. Then of course we played the entire day and night away without ever leaving our chairs.
-After my obsession with w.o.w, Tuesday was Jessica’s day off. So we would spent the day together.


-Survivor was on t.v at 8pm, that is indeed a look forward to event! Then hours of w.o.w.
-spend time with the fiancée.
– Full day of work for Jessica, have to wait till 6 to see her.

Thursdays- t.v day.

– Thursday was the great t.v day. There was hours upon hours of shows to watch ranging from vampire diaries to scandal to Grey’s anatomy. But of course if there was an event that my friends needed me to attend to in wow, that would take precedence .
– When Jessica falls asleep, hours of w.o.w or unless of course I had work that day.
– Thursday was a full day of work for Jessica, so I would have to wait till 6 to see her.

Wait!! New t.v show listed for Mondays! Must remember!!

Oh wait again!!! New phone coming out next month, must sell this one and prepare finances for that!

Fridays – Use to be a great day when I was in high school, but that faded into gray.

– Fridays, Full day of work for Jessica, won’t see her again till late.
– Hours of w.o.w again or work, in that order.

New patch coming out on Tuesday for World of Warcraft, they came out with a new mount!! It is $25 dollars in real money, must be ready to charge it on the credit card.


– short day of work for the fiancée, she gets off at 5 today.
– No friends, so we will go to the movies, watch tv, cook extraordinary meals. Then stay up late together since tomorrow is Sunday… I will play wow after she sleeps. Shhh she doesn’t know!


– Shorter day of work for Jessica! Goes in late and gets off early!!
– Play wow when she is at work, and get off before she gets home to pretend I wasn’t playing.
(When I was not addicted to wow) – Sad thought since Jessica has a full day tomorrow.
(When I was addicted to wow) – happy thoughts since I will have the entire day to play wow when she is at work!!

Mondays were great since Jessica was off the next day. Tuesday she was off! Wed, thurs and Friday sucked because she had full days. Then Saturday was better and Sunday since she had shorter days. Then back to the same cycle.

Offered over-time at work, no I won’t take it. I’ll stay home and pay money instead for some non tangible items in World of Warcraft.

Rush to the store, supermarket or whatever we needed , just because.
Rush to get the newest and best thing out. Just because.
Rush to get done with work, even leave early if given the option, just because.
Rush, rush , rush.

*Picks up a intangible piece of made believe and throws it so hard and so fast into the air*

That was me growing up, throwing away the never ending cycle of society, and tossing away the mind numbing traditions of every day that meant so little.

Incoming traveling the world with the love of my life.


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