I gave my Ember away today. The cat that I wanted and loved before I met her. When I did finally meet her, and I picked her over the dozens and dozens of other cats in cages, I was blessed. She has been a friend for me for close to a year. I never want her to think that I did not want her and chose to give her away, as that is far from it. She knows in her heart, that I love her with all of my heart and that I will never forget her. I do cry, I have cried, I am crying in the lack of her presence. I miss her. I miss her personality and her character traits that made her so unique and so easy to love. She will be living with my two most important people in my life, my twin and my niece. She will be in good hands, but that doesn’t stop the feeling of loss. I did come home today, and close the door quickly, because Ember was a ninja and used to run out to go mingle with the neighborhood cat, Simba. I did look for her out on the patio, to just see her vacant house we built for her a year ago standing there instead. I did look for her, and I did wait for her to come trotting in while I messed with something that sounded like her food bag in the kitchen. It is habitat. She has been part of my life for a year, my first pet. I will treasure the year I had with her and pass her as a gift to Alyssa and Jade.

In honor of my Ember, the cat that spoke back to you and did drive by – cursing meows – when I did not open that patio door. To my Emmie, who would love us when we left her alone. To the cat that filled my heart with happiness and love. To the cat that taught me pet responsibility on a motherly level. To the cat that could feel empathy on days I wasn’t my best, thank you for feeling my hurt and loving on me to lift me up. To the cat that would drop e-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g if I jingled the labor pointer chain and come running. To the cat that was determined to make me trip, but do it slyly in a love stroll underneath my feet. To the car that loved my fiancée as much as I did. To you, Emmie, I love you.







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