Black Friday

Well I did not go shopping with 3 people, one as a runner, one as a distractor and one as buyer nor did I bring a backpack of essentials for Black Friday. Everything I need is at home, ready to be packed in a backpack to travel the world. But Jessica and I did indeed help those out in lines at our local Best Buy.

I had this idea a few years ago and it gradually grew. This year, I do not have a job right now nor do I have to occupy the mobs of shoppers for deals, so I thought I would act on my idea. I have heard some news radio stations mentioning it as well, which made me mold it into a fantastic well developed idea. Hot chocolate for those in line! I had to pick the right store, and since this year, every store seemed to be opening pretty much at Thanksgiving turkey eating time, (stores opened at 8pm thanksgiving!) I had to find one that was later on in the day and a popular one at that. So Best Buy was it. I strolled on by around 8 pm to see how the line was and if it was even worth it. I noticed that the closer the time it got to the store opening, the more people in line, unlike some of the bigger parts of town.. Where people wait for days outside in tents. So I purchased 40 foam cups from 7-eleven, with lids, hot holders, trays and napkins. .25 each for a cup, rest of that stuff was free. 10 bucks there. Then headed over to Walgreens, the only store that was open in my area and ought 10 bucks worth of hot chocolate and milk and flew on home. I aimed to be there at 10 pm, where Best Buy opens at midnight. Jess and I made 40 cups of hot chocolate, took awhile to make huge pots of hot chocolate, but we made it nice and toasty and then even a little hotter… So it wouldn’t cool down before we arrived at our destination. We filled up the cups, added some marshmallows and loaded up my hot chocolate mobile. Oh yeah, I surely did have a cardboard sign hanging out the driver side window that said hot chocolate nice and big. When we rolled up to Best Buy, I did some embarrassing Hot Chocolate honk drive by-s. Yes you heard it correct, I drove slowly and honked my little tush off. Had the entire line looking my direction, looking the direction of the sign on my window. Ah advertisement at its best. Jessica was laughing hysterically and slightly was embarrassed, but so was I. ( Hence the Corona I drank before we left.) I made the loop and came back, parked the car in the middle of a parking lane and hopped out to open the trunk for Jessica. Out of no where the people swarmed our car! Those 40 cups were gone in a matter of minutes. “HOT CHOCOLATE, COME AND GET IT.” It was hilarious and entertaining but satisfying because we did make some truly happy smiling customers. They thanked us and we thanked them for making us smile. After all, every person is different, and those people in line, may be in a financial situation where they do need a great deal to provide Christmas for their family – I do not know, either way, I helped 40 people out with some smiles. In the end, we made double our money and only charged a dollar a cup, so it was very much affordable. Wasn’t about the money though. It was a great idea which ended our night as a great night.





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