Bare yet full

Bare yet full, is the exact feeling I have at this moment.

We sold our couch today, and that’s just the icing on the top. It has been a slope on-ways to our departure date, a slope of selling everything we have and prepping ourselves for everything we need. We have our two lawn chairs in our living room as our only furniture. We have our TV on the floor along with our mattress on our floor. We have nothing hanging on the walls, nothing sprucing it up and just carpet to see and feel. Anyone could define this as broke, en route to being homeless or they could call it bare. We do not have out colorful paintings on the walls and our little hints of greens, yellows and oranges spicing up your eyes anymore along with no couch to observe it on. I can continue with saying what we do not have, but I would rather not.

I have 2 weeks till we leave, just 14 days till we embark on the journey of a lifetime. We do have this room that appears to be “bare” to the normal naked eye. But this room is far from bare, the love and faith radiating from the walls is powerful. Our anxiety and our little splashes of fear is growing like vines out of the ceilings. Our smiles and our laughs are blossoming from the floors. This apartment is where we made final decisions to go to Europe. This pastel green lawn chair is where I sat nervously yet confident the day I proposed to Jessica. These four walls have witnessed our love, our decisions and our drive to evolve as human beings. It is so full of happiness that if you closed your eyes, you would feel content ripple in every part of your body and every part of your soul. It is far from bare, it is remarkably full.




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