People are good. People are more than we think, more than we were taught and more than we imagined. We get these thoughts imprinted into our sub conscious that we literally can not trust anyone nor can we ask for help without being turned down. I don’t know if its America, if its the entire world or if it is just evolution. I hope it’s not evolution, I hope this isn’t what people have become. But I do not want to be non grateful, non appreciative and I do not want to be non trustworthy of a complete stranger.

The other day I saw these two hitch hikers, and thought to myself “if I wasn’t on my way home down the street I wish I could pick them up.” Because I really did think I could help them, count on them to prove to me that people aren’t all bad and to reinstate the ideas in my head of freedom, liberation and trust. What I mean by that is, I think I can relate to a hitchhiker more than to any of my friends of my family. They know what I am trying to get away from, they know where I am trying to go, and they know there is more to life then day to day and keeping up with its technology sort of attitude. I kicked myself for not picking them up. Well today, after a dispute with my fiancée, I took a drive. As I was turning onto a major road here, I thought about those hitchhikers and how if I would see them again that I would jump on the chance to hear them out and help them out. A mile ahead of me, we’re these two hitchhikers, not the ones I saw the other day but new ones. I knew it was a sign for me, a strong and flamboyant sign dangling in front of me. I turned around and scooped up a guy, a woman and their dog. I related in those 20 minutes with them more than I have related to someone in years. He spoked of the feeling of being liberated, of not living paycheck to paycheck and living for something more than fancy things. I Was speechless, these were the exact thoughts I have been having for nearly 6 months. I told him my plans to backpack Europe and just live by the seam of my pants, and they congratulated me and asked questions and details of my departure and what I hoped to achieve from it. I realized at that moment, I wasn’t alone. They asked more questions then anyone else combined has since I’ve started speaking of this journey. They saw it as a life choice and not as a “vacation.” He told me all the places he has been and all the things he has encountered. I made a comment somewhere in the beginning of our ride that stated “not many people are nice around here in the Country.” And that statement sucked the wind out of my lungs. I realized I do not want to believe that statement, I do not want to be part of the majority that thinks that random strangers are bad all the time. I want to see good in evrything familiar and unfamiliar. I want to believe and I want to trust. He later on stated that there has been only one occurrence over his 3 and a half years of hitch hiking that a weird situation happened, and he simply just got himself out of it. He was genuine, and he was thankful. He was thankful of everything he had received, seen and learned from. I could feel his genuine happiness radiating off of him. I asked him how does he tell time without a watch and he stated he gets watches along the way but they always break because they are cheap ones that h e can afford. I handed him my Gshock watch, a 100 dollar watch and said “take it.” He said “it’s okay I’ll find one along the way.” I was just blown away at his lack of greed and his lack of desperation. He was content with everything. I insisted and he did finally take it. I gave him a hundred dollar watch but I feel, in my heart, that I was given a hundred dollar lottery ticket. I feel greatness in meeting him, feeling his warmth radiate off of him and I feel greatness in his lack of greed. The population sees a homeless man on the street and sees him with a sign, they think he is desperate for money. It’s a normal human reaction. To form the thought that every homeless person is like that, desperate for help is normal for people to think, or assume. But to come across someone in that same field and see that they are normal people and are not greedy, they are self sufficient even if they are on the streets and they are genuinely nice. It’s astonishing and memorizing. I offered to buy them food, and they said ” someone just bought us a huge amount of McDonald’s, fast food isn’t so healthy, but its okay we accepted it, but we do not need anything.” I was once again blown away. I then asked if they wanted something from the gas station, then once again declined saying they were okay. I just was blown away and I still am blown away. People are good. People are grateful. Not everybody is mean, cruel and wants something for you. Not everyone will take what’s yours and not everyone will prove you wrong, the world has just made us believe that.
Also today I did have this fleeting thought of taking something that isn’t mine. What I mean by that is, I still have a jcpenny credit card that is open and I thought for a second, ” maybe I can get a watch that I really need and just not pay it off.” I couldn’t believed said I needed a watch when I had one simple one at home that’s without a battery. I was encountered with a whirlwind of feelings. Feelings that consisted of always having to have new things, always having the best top of the line things and greed. Greed. I exhaled and I let these things out of my mind forever. I refuse to be programmed by what society has stated to be needed and what they have proclaimed Is pretty, nice and perfect. I will find my own happiness even if its one shirt and one pair of pants and nothing else with me. So I smiled and purchased a ten dollar battery for a watch I had while as an EMT. It’s a watch with a scratch on it and its a watch that’s not new, but it will do just fine for me.<


One thought on “Greed

  1. You have grown. You have become what I only wish to yet find within myself. Thank you for sharing that moment. Now if I could only build up enough courage to do what you did. Bless you!

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