I guess I can not explain the depths of lucky I am to be having this experience come so soon in my life. I lived my day to day, loved it. Lived my beautiful days with my fantastic family that always gave their hearts to me, other than my brother. I have been blessed to have a healthy body, mind and soul. I have been blessed to have been given m family and my life. I can not wait to embark on a journey where there is no end, no stopping. Since this will forever change me and who I am inside. I am lucky and I am blessed. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and with whoever will follow us.

Jessica got in touch with a. WWOOF host near Geneva, but still in France. It is pretty much on the French Alps, one of the most beautiful set of mountains in the world! Wow, just the pictures of those takes my breath way. I can almost not breath thinking that I will be able to breath in that air and feel this beautiful untouched land underneath my boots.

We also have been looking into couch surfing, it is a phenomenal idea! Just like WWOOF but not with the labor required. You get to stay with people all over, wherever you choose. They can show you around and it’s free to stay with them! So we will be doing that as well!!




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