Why Europe over the U.S

Our original plan was to indeed go to pretty much every state and volunteer. But without myself knowing, we were subconciously making the decision to Europe from the beginning. Without us knowing the decision had been made back on that day in August at that table top in Ruby Tuesdays.

Why do I say this? Because we werent rushing to list our car and see what we can get for it so we can then proceed to buy a camper or whatever. Which is of course was the most major part! Its like our souls knew what was instore, so it let us read and brainstorm but never decide on things for the U.S. There had to be a reason why we werent planning and corresponding with people in organizations in the U.S. We knew. We knew it was going to be Europe. We didnt even think twice about car insurance. We werent buying the items we would completely need! We let time pass, and I did indeed get frustrated because I thought we werent making the plans and purchases fast enough. But it would only frustrate me for a moment. We knew…

As well as the deep within subconcious decision, we were planning to be in Europe by 2014 anyways. So why spend the money on a rv and supplies we would shortly not need. It just absoutely makes sense.

I report today, ha, from Barnes and Noble – reading about the items we will need to bring and what to do as in terms of means to get to Europe. Also today we sent out our paperwork for passports. 🙂



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