The Shift

-U.S –

-We were sitting at a Ruby Tuesday’s table eating a cheap lunch, within my gift cards limits, since I had been without a job.-

I was working as an EMT at a private ambulance company whose quality of care was distorted to what health care should be. I could not stand another second in the ropes of being dragged through horrible health care. Not to mention the lack of their knowledge of cleanliness. I had injured myself one day following a normal call – and it hurt me enough to put me out of work. The relentless lack of support from my company resulted in the push I needed to get the hell out of there. I was then without a job, aimlessly wandering around with no real umph to get one. My fiancée Jessica was making enough to cover the bills till I found a job that suited me and wouldn’t eat away at my soul. She instructed that I not fall into the hell of being at a place that literally torments my soul and I needed that guidance, badly. It gave me a guideline when I looked for jobs, not to just succumb to anything yet to find one that was soothing and a breath of fresh air. Which of course, is unrealistic most of the time. But that’s what I needed, that illusion so I could just take “time off.” My every part of me needed that “vacation.” I soon went on a hunt to find a job, to help her with bills and to occupy my lonely days at home. “Living the life.” As I so thought would be wonderful, one week of having no purpose but to wake up, eat, play video games and stare at my animals became to drive me a little insane. I searched and I searched which led us to that lunch table top at Ruby Tuesday’s in Tampa, FL.

We stumbled around phrases and words trying to express how we were feeling inside. We knew we were on the same page but just couldn’t figure it out. Its like knowing your hungry for a certain kind of food but unable to determine which is the one that will numb and satisfy your taste buds. Then came the shift. The shift that altered our lives forever. One of us, that table in the corner is the only one that truly remembers which one of us said it.. One of us mentioned “Wish we could just live day-to-day, helping people, no rent, no 9 -5, no keeping up with the demand of technology.” From that moment on, our entire lives changed.

Within a few weeks we were selling everything we didn’t need besides the basics. We were signing papers to move into a smaller apartment that would cause Jessica to be able to walk to work. Which in return would save gas and we could rid ourselves of one of the two cars we had. Yes, we did some unjustified things, such as allowing her car to just be repo – ed. Which was just an absolutely necessity. Since it was costing near a grand every month just to keep, and we truly did not need it now nor were we going to need it after our Departure date of 12-12-12. I allowed myself to, for the first time ever, miss payments of my credit cards. I allowed the 3 cards I had open to just rack up with non payments that I knew would go to collections sooner or later. I did not need to worry about my credit nor my bills nor my need to do anything but the plan the rest of our lives. So I let my credit go to hell, we let her car go through the process of repo, we let ourselves move into a 200 square feet smaller residence and we allowed ourselves to start to live the simplicity of life.

The original plan was the U.S. We were going to travel the U.S with plans to stop here and then there. Volunteer here, then volunteer there. Stop by friends and family residences all over the U.S. Just give ourselves completely to an organization that was in need of volunteers and help. We wanted to give our hands and our hearts to complete strangers, knowing that this adventure will forever change us and humble us into stone mountains. We even made a YouTube video and released it on World Humanitarian Day declaring our mission statement and what we were striving to accomplish. Well, Everything seems to turn into circles when you put your thoughts into it enough. As Sundays are for us, the foundation of our “revelations.” Another sunday came and we shifted our U.S endeavor into the Europe WWOOFing endeavor. (Volunteering abroad for organic farmers and they pay you with shelter and food) We were to leave the same date, visit some family and friends but then head to Europe to volunteer abroad and give ourselves up to the exploration and simplicity of the simple life. So here I am, writing to you, 65 days before the day we leave our home to truly become homeless. To tell you that I can not wait, I CAN NOT WAIT. I can not wait to not have a reliable cover over my head, to not have a dish of reliable food and to not have the reliable comforts of a home. Since in return of those things, I get to have the reliable thrill of never being bored, the reliable satification of helping and giving with endless means and I get to have the reliable experiences that will forever impact me and forever better me. I am living the dream. I am leaving the demand and running towards the consistency of happiness due to simplicity.


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